Bow Wow Detectives® Licensing Opportunities for Investors, Publishers

Bow Wow Detectives® Licensing Opportunities for Investors, Publishers


We're the Bow Wow Detectives®! We're a brand with the USA registered trademark owned by Lisa Loucks-Christenson. We're seeking a larger presence in the world. On 2/9/2018, our creator, Lisa Loucks-Christenson, opened a new opportunity for publishers and investors to license select rights of the Bow Wow Detectives®. She is offering: non-exclusive world rights for merchandising, film, plays, downloads, hardback, audio, paperbacks for book clubs, and other rights, inquire.

The Bow Wow Detectives®, Case File 5, Saliva Smirk's Summer Camp for Dogs! Story Preview Edition hit #1 International Best Seller in India, and other countries followed. Every story Lisa released hit #1international best seller, expect for one that only hit #2. (Hallowinks, Harley Hippo & the Crane Game, Wolves of Whitewater Falls, Hawk of Wa Pu Ta Creek, Bow Wow Detectives®). 

Maybe you're a publisher that's looking to add new books, fill an editorial hole, wants to try a new book series but doesn't have the budget, or is interested in a brand with books and products. Contact Lisa: 1-866-562-5125 toll free or 1-507-206-7170.

Maybe you're an investor looking to invest in a 100% woman-owned business in the USA that's interested in licensing: books, audio, film, toys, Photo Traders, dog biscuits, Bow Wow Detectives® board game, plush, action figures, coloring books/pages? Contact Lisa!

There's a lot of ideas and development going on in Lisa's writing studio, photo studio, and her R&D offices. Serious inquires only.

We have new books, new photos, new coloring pages, Photo Traders™, new Story Preview Editions™ (previously we only offered these as downloads)  on schedule release in 2018! 

Here's a sampling from our past and future:


The Bow Wow Detectives® isn't leaving the USA, we were born here, we've earned our USA citizenship. It should be clearly noted: All of us (the real dogs, cats of Lisa's family) will forever remain Lisa's creation. In fact, Lisa is several stories deep into the 150+ planned stories Bow Wow Detectives® and even more from the Meow Meow Detectives™. 

We decided at our last "no-dog-bored" board meeting that wanted to reach more readers. We decided to expand our literary club, Bow Wow Detectives® Bark Club™ beyond the USA. We want to be available to classrooms––worldwide, and to encourage kids to keep reading, using our activity books, and discussed upcoming games, toys we want to add to our line up. We decided we needed to find a larger investor, a bigger publisher(s) to help us grow following our nose-to-the-grindstone ethics and eagle-eye vision. 

Contact us if our brand feels like "the shoe fits", if you are the exact publisher we seek, the one who wants to exploit and established brand, one that holds the USA gegistered trademark, and wants to grow with the Bow Wow Detectives®! We also have the Meow Meow Detectives™ stories, and Lisa's wildlife adventure fiction . . . lots of stories to select from. When you partner with us you get immediate attention and placement in our networked channels, sites, and social media, and mailing lists to help promote all products, books, and toys you license from Lisa. 



Lisa Loucks Christenson

Bow Wow Detectives® Licensing 

P. O. Box 9177

Rochester, MN 55903

(866) 562-5125

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