Don't Eat Bees!™ is Going to Court Against Penguin Random House who has a new book coming out called: Don't Eat Bees: - subtitle

Don't Eat Bees!™ is Going to Court Against Penguin Random House who has a new book coming out called: Don't Eat Bees: - subtitle

Don't Eat Bees!




This is Lisa Loucks-Christenson's DON'T EAT BEES!™ SERIES, we have 10,001 names possible in our personalized books database.

Lisa Loucks-Christenson has spent seven years working on this series, published the book in 2019, it hit and remained number one on Amazon, with a few drops, for the first month of the book launch, then the pandemic hit. Lisa continued her radio, print, and ads worldwide. In the fall of 2020, Lisa found out she'd won two Royal Dragonfly Book Awards, one in the Best Illustrations category, one in the Children's Picture Books Ages 6 and Up category. 

In 2021, the copy cat author came along, with a really common book title, or so the Penguin Radom House attorney Lisa sent the first cease and desist to claims.

She was told that the styles are different, no one would confuse their books. Lisa asked, since the call center she owns is getting calls for a book called, "Don't Eat Bees", and they want to make it a number one best seller. The call center logged another call just a couple hours ago, and again, informed this caller that Lisa's Don't Eat Bees! is already a number one best-seller. 

The PRH attorney said that in consumers' hands the customer will be able to see the difference in art and style and won't be confused. Lisa asked the PRH attorney, "How do that do that from a radio ad?"

The PRH attorney told Lisa to go market her beautiful book, independently published, to her market. She did. That's how it's remained a number one best-seller, that's how it became a double award-winning title. 

The PRH attorney wrote that PRH regularly goes after attorney fees for the copyright cases they've pursued with past corporations, in the amounts of $100K, awarded to them.

Lisa asked PRH: What does PRH have on the books currently, and that she's not going away or dropping this matter.

Don't Eat Bees! is the story of her dog's journey, not their author who uses one page in a book bearing the Don't Eat Bees: (subtitle) that Lisa says plagiarizes her book, if that's what you call using the exact same three words as Lisa's book, all laid out the same way, in a font that mirrors Lisa's handwritten font (out of a million fonts possible, why that font?).

The PRH attorney says Lisa's common law isn't and she could not even claim this, (Lisa has a book, ebook, song, domains, cartoon, animation, audio book, eleven other DON'T EAT BEES!, DON'T EAT SKUNKS!, DON'T EAT ROAST, HEAVEN CAN REST!  and more titles; the personalized books published by Story Antics® and Story Antics Personalized Books™ that makes it possible to create 10,001 books for customers, THE ART OF DON'T EAT BEES!, and more. This has been in development since 2016, with evidence to back up the work and progress) and because of this, says she does own the common law trademark and she does NOT have to, EVER, file the trademark to claim it as her common law trademark, but has the exclusive right to the name, since using the "!" and "™" with the title, makes it as unique as her story, original plot and characters, they'd already said their dog was smart and knows not to eat bees. Lisa's dog ate as many as he pleased and gave them up, sacrificing his love of wings and legs to  instead become the friend of the bees and earn the title, King of Bees! Dale became a legend. There is no story like this on the market, never has been, but since Lisa published hers, there have been drawings the bear a strong appearance to her original drawings she created in pastel, but to date, January 11, 2022, there is not any published books on this topic, no stories at all about a dog who ate bees, regularly, but was never stung. 

On 12/31/2021, a large queen German wasp flew past Lisa, inside her house. Passed again, then landed on her shawl on her chair she was sitting at. The temperatures were below zero, in her Minnesota home, and there was no logical reason this queen would just show up, thought Lisa. Nothing had been moved or disturbed, any queen should have hibernated long ago. 

The first thought that came to her mind was Bertelsman German Publisher owner of Penguin Random House, in an ironic twist of water, their PRH attorney dismissing Lisa's common law trademark for her DON'T EAT BEES!, she told PRH attorney that in the Bible God used His bees 28 times to drive out His adversaries, and if PRH didn't change the name, cite her work, she would go to court and fight them through God, who she believes has already prepared His victory on this matter and sent the queen, a German queen, not a "Common Queen" like the common law trademark Lisa is protecting. 

After being bee-littled, some, by the PRH attorney, Lisa is standing in the swarm, unafraid, determined to keep standing and fighting for her tribute story to her beloved German Shepherd, Dale, the bee-eating German Shepherd.

The PRH attorney claims both of their books are about a smart dog that knows not to eat bees. Actually, that's not Lisa's book at all, that is why she dismisses the PRH attorney's comments about how YouTube and Google have listings of people and their dogs eating bees, making her story common, her plot un-original, and so on. 

Lisa's book is about a dog that goes on eating as many bees as he wants, desires, and can't get enough of, he's never stung, just like her real dog, Dale, the bee-eater from his real life. SO there is no common plot or story line and if you knew Dale, you'd know he was a one-of-a-kind original dog. No dog could ever compare. Ever.

That's why in 2016, Lisa started the story. Then he ate their roast they were having or dinner. That's when she came up with DON'T EAT ROAST!, then, there was a matter of a tortoise, one he was guarding, his friend, that was eaten by another dog. That's how DON'T EAT TORTOISES! became a story. There is a long line of evidence that Lisa created this series, from real life and fictionalized it. 

The next book, one that's been advertised for three years with DON'T EAT BEES! is HEAVEN CAN REST! Lisa's ads run in the UK, Canada, and the USA, they've aired on radio stations that are all over and doubts, as the author and illustrator claim, they'd never heard of the book. They thought it up themselves?

Did they check who owned the domain name? Did they miss Lisa's listings in the same magazines as their publisher? Lisa also gave PRH a bookstore tip: "Your book says, "Don't eat bees" but your illustrator and author only came up with the idea of using one bee, every kid will be looking for the "bees". Further proof, Lisa says, that they plagiarized my book, if they are only using one bee, then why don't they write it as such, like "I don't want to eat a bee" "I didn't eat that bee", I know better than to eat a bee". Lisa believes they used her proven book sales, awards to create a book they claim in their attorney letter is all about a smart dog not eating bees, when, in actuality, it's contains one page (that Lisa saw on Amazon Look Inside) and the rest of their book appears, per their book description to be about eating a fancy bird, grandpa's teeth, etc.

Lisa has every right to be concerned that a title that has nothing to do with the books concept will and already has caused confusion. Hundreds of phone calls prove it. Lisa's radio ads are going to create returns for both publishers who share the same title, overlapping markets, and even as the small gal, Lisa has created worldwide buzz and has orders, emails, comments to prove it.

Lisa owns three bookstores in Rochester, Minnesota and knows her clients well. She's written many award-winning stories, including successful children's books.

Lisa will no longer stock or order PRH books, I refuse to put books in my stores and support a company taking from me, willfully, and there's more below why she feels this way.

Their PRH attorney demeaned Lisa by saying she should go market her independent books to people that would buy those kinds of books, like she'd never hit the masses they are expecting for their "DON'T EAT BEES" book (one that won't be carried in Lisa's stores," one Lisa has proven shares, without citing her work,  is the exact same three words as her inside page on her award-winning book, AND the first three words of her DON'T EAT BEES! song, and everyone knows a song has two copyrights, the lyrics, and the music. No one would know that more than a publisher that also owns BMI a songwriting royalty agency collecting and going after others for not paying their fees or stealing lyrics, but it's OK for them to take Lisa's song lyrics?

This buzz is about to get even deeper. After Lisa is told that she should again forget this matter and concentrate on making more of her beautiful books, Lisa, a traditionally published author and independent creator: a hybrid author, illustrator and photographer is actually multi-published with Penguin Random House and their imprints. 

Lisa only needed to follow the swarm to see why that queen bee flew into her life, a bee she's been tending to for 12 days today, and is creating a documentary on, QUEENIE: SAVING THE MINNESOTA QUEEN, if you want to look for it or pre-order it. 

The "Queenie" arrived just in time to point Lisa to one book she discovered was published in another language, using 10 of Lisa's pictures that were not paid for or authorized to be used in a foreign language edition. Lisa licenses her work, sometimes exclusively to other publishers for the higher fees, and this unmentioned at the time of licenses them for the English version of the book, is absolutely unauthorized and forbidden. It seems, since they PRH publishing giant is throwing figures of their wins for attorney fees is going to be sued by Lisa Loucks-Christenson for unauthorized willful copyright infringement, if allowed and if her copyright and trademark attorney(s) advise this, which, begins at at least $160K per image. One attorney Lisa spoke to yesterday said this will have to go to federal court. 


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