Final Notice to Infringers: The Bow Wow Detectives® IS a Registered Trademark

Final Notice to Infringers: The Bow Wow Detectives® IS a Registered Trademark

Since I registered my trademark, BOW WOW DETECTIVES® the counterfeiters, one is an author and play-copy-our-brand-writer, who used our registered trademark for his play took an award for our name in 2018 for his Bow Wow Detectives® play, and golly, after owning the brand for many years, failed to google it to see if the name was in use? Just happens to have a German Shepherd (like our stories)  then went on to smear me online for owning this brand, that he was perfectly aware of stealing and making profits from, the Rochester police did nothing. They looked the other way. 

This is for TODD WALLINGER who is still illegally using my name and brand:
Here is a short message from my attorney that did the paperwork for my trademark. If you have further questions on whether or not you can use our name, brand, images, in your publications, claims that you own it or variations of it, like "Detective Bow Wow" theme park in India, who is using the USA manufacturer, a well known studio, one that I used to respect; AND anyone posting, blogging  or using our name in anyway or form without written permission, DON'T! It will be reported and my attorney will be sending you a Cease and Desist, followed by court and willful infringement per use. The Indian theme park must love promoting our Christian based brand and series, so much so, that they've are illegally using USA companies, game developer/software and stores that sell Detective Bow Wow (notice there isn't a trademark, that's because they failed to obtain one in the USA, and in India, because my book, hit #1 in India, but they claimed in the false documents, they were the original creators of my canine sleuths, except mine are smart, they promote stupidity, they even include an octopus, like my first Bow Wow Book. They sell downloads with our name transposed, we are the BOW WOW DETECTIVES® and they sell DETECTIVE BOW WOW fakes, they have no relation to our company or brand, but they've tried to ruin my brand, dilute it, even copied and borrowed from our the trade dress, logos, color schemes, and we've collected the evidence, along with a long list of illegal actions. Now, where are the police? Very disappointed that they act like this is not a crime, though our city ordinances state it is. Where is the FBI? Where are all the agencies who I've reported these thefts of intellectual property to? 

This is all taking place in the USA, their activities and their partners in crime is illegal and they know it. I guess their God may be offering them a test that they believe is a free pass to steal from my work, even put it into a theme park, but MY GOD sees all, and will shut them down and restore my losses. The attorney I spoke to in India told me the owner was rich and who was I? I told them, "I'm Lisa Loucks Christenson, I'm the creator of the Bow Wow Detectives® and hold the registered trademark in the USA."  My guess, since I'm not in India, that during this pandemic, they aren't offering free rides, I'm not sure they have resumed operations at their theme park . . . but the Bow Wow Detectives®, the rightful owners are still on the ride of their life, they get a free pass to go anywhere they want to go, maybe I'll write their next adventure where they run into their doppelgänger in an Indian theme park, what do you think? Maybe crime does pay, in their new story . . . but for how long?


If you like this story, let me know, use the contact form. The word is out, Artists, creators: make sure you run all your art and hard work through Bird Big and Monster-Cookie-blue, and Play Google Backward stores . . . so they can steal your work and shut you out of your creations, because without the police, who may be cut-off anyway in your area, what social agency should we report the infringers to, and what is that agency going to do to right the wrong and give the BOW WOW DETECTIVES® their justice, and my creations and stories? 


From Lisa's attorney:

I wanted to let you know that as of 9/27/2011, your trademark is now
registered with the USPTO. Congrats!

This means that your trademark has gone through the process, and is now
formally enforceable against infringing parties. You can now put a
Register “R” symbol next to the BOW WOW DETECTIVES name wherever you
advertise it.  If you know of anyone who is infringing on your BOW WOW
DETECTIVES trademark rights, please let me know and I can schedule a
time to discuss Cease & Desist options that might be available to you.
Please keep in mind that you can stop others whose names are confusingly
similar to BOW WOW DETECTIVES, not just the “BOW WOW DETECTIVES” itself
anywhere across the United States.

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