Lisa & the Bow Wow Detectives®, Meow Meow Detectives™ Thank You!

Welcome to the Official Bow Wow Detectives® Web site. Lisa Loucks Christenson is the author of canine mystery series she started writing in 2007 right after her family adopted two sister Chihuahua's, but the stories began forming, and were jotted down in Lisa’s journals in early 2005, while Lisa was on her bald eagle documentary with her dogs Shadow, Dani, and Dale. (Dale is the featured dog in Lisa’s 2020 Royal DragonFly Awards for Best Illustrations, and a second award for an Honorable Mention in the ebook categories), for Don’t Eat Bees!

The Bow Wow Detectives® is an imprint of Loucks Studios, Inc., the registered trademark is owned by Lisa-Loucks Christenson. The Bow Wow Detectives® are featured in different book series feature human characters with Christian values and their canine sleuths; they're stories about puppies and dogs of all shapes and sizes (talk about diversity!) that work together to solve suspenseful situations, puzzles, and mysteries.  

Over the last decade I've met some of the kindest, most interesting people from all over the world that stopped by once or even several times over the years at my White Wolf Creek™ Gallery in Stockholm, Wisconsin or the second location in Rochester, Minnesota, and now at Lisa's Peacock Books & Wildlife Art, and her Silver Lake Books in Rochester where you can purchase, exclusively, Lisa's Bow Wow Detectives® photos of the Bow Wow Detectives®, Photo Traders™, and collector cards, and products. 

Know that in every book I write, a line of your encouragement exists within its pages. Thank you from my heart, thank you from the Bow Wow Detectives® and the Meow Meow Detectives™ too!


Case File One: New Year's Eve Bank Octopus Bank Heist 

Case File Two: Bluffland Cheat Code Bust

Case File Three: Until Death Do Us Part

Case File Four: Bluffland Cheat Code Bust

Case File Five: Saliva Smirk's Summer Camp for Dogs! #1 International Best Seller

Case File Six: Ben & Baoji in the Great River Race Rescue

Case File Seven: Shadow in Help Wanted!
Case File Eight: Barney & Maybelline in No Re-Homing Fee Christmas
New Series: Bow Wow Detectives® in Real Towns USA - This new set of stories feature real locations, 2nd grade on up
New Upcoming Series: Bow Wow Detectives® in Town Joke