Don't Eat Bees! | Ebook

Don't Eat Bees! | Ebook

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Format: e-Book (available as audio book, paperback, hardcover)

Written and Illustrated by: Lisa Loucks-Christenson 

Publisher: Bow Wow Detectives® imprint of Book Entree™

Childhood & Lifetime Books™ Series

ISBN-13: 978-1-59819-065-6

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Written and Illustrated  by Lisa Loucks-Christenson

Release: 12/23/2019

DON'T EAT BEES! Dale, the bee-eating German Shepherd, hits pay dirt when he unwittingly snatches up a tasty queen bee, and later, with the guidance of the queen bee's sister, Dale is offered the deal of a lifetime and beyond if he can promise to stop eating the local bees and raiding their hive—but can the foolhardy dog give up his bee-chasing and bee-eating habits forever and accept his heavenly reward...for all eternity?

Find out in Lisa Loucks-Christenson's DON'T EAT BEES!, a fictional tale told through 21 original pastel illustrations, which shares the heart of a dog as he learns about friendship, sacrifice, and their earthly and heavenly rewards.

Meet Dale, the authors' bee-eating German Shepherd, who unflinchingly ate as many bees as he could catch—all through his lifetime. Dale, trained for outdoor field work, for protection, and as Lisa’s companion, inspired this story, as well as the sequel, HEAVEN CAN REST!


Coming December 21, 2020


Written & Illustrated by Lisa Loucks-Christenson

Publisher: Bow Wow Detectives® imprint of Book Entree™

Childhood & Lifetime Books™ Series

HEAVEN CAN REST! The sequel to Lisa Loucks-Christenson's, DON'T EAT BEES!



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First Edition Paperback- $22.95

Publisher: Book Entree™ 

Imprint: Bow Wow Detectives®

Series: Childhood & Lifetime Books™ Series

Release: December 23, 2019

Author & Illustrator Lisa Loucks-Christenson


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