The Adventures of the Courtly Cottontails: Mending The Broken Heart

Bow Wow Detectives®


Bow Wow Detectives®

Author and Illustrator: Lisa Loucks-Christenson  

The Courtly Cottontails new assignment lands them on the roots of the True Love Tree, a towering weeping willow, decorated with ruby crystal hearts. It's the only tree in the world with enough love to bring soulmates together.

However, if there's any truth to the legend, why is their friend, Bazel, the Holland Lop still sitting alone on a broken branch, crying, clutching a homemade card she made to give her true love? 

Why is taking so long for Bazel’s true love to arrive? Did the True Love Tree run out of love? Will Bazel’s true love ever come or is there another reason for his delay? Find out in, The Adventures of the Courtly Cottontails: Mending The Broken Heart. 

Title: The Adventures of the Courtly Cottontails™️: Mending The Broken Heart

Number in Series: 6

Publisher: Bow Wow Detectives®️Imprint Loucks Studios, Inc.

Author: Lisa Loucks-Christenson

Illustrator: Lisa Loucks-Christenson

Formats: Ebook, Hardcover (sold under its own listing)

Pages: 28

Art Medium: 26 original  Pencil Illustrations

Release: Ebook: 2/11/2021; Hardcover August 11, 2021

Children’s Picture Book Age 6 and Older

Theme: Valentine’s Day

ISBN-13: 978-1-59819-36-6  |  PDF  | $6.99

ISBN-13: 978-1-59819-37-3  |  EPub  |  $6.99

ISBN-13: 978-1-59819-038-0  | Mobi | $6.99

ISBN-13-978-1-59819-39-7  |  Hardcover  | $22