Photo Traders™

Photo Traders™

Bow Wow Detectives® Photo Traders™

Bow Wow Detectives Photo Traders are available for purchase as individual purchase or in the full set of 112 Photo Traders™. 

We're releasing the new Bow Wow Detectives® Trading Cards in 2019.

The new trading cards series feature their own distinct designs, are printed on both the front and the back, and will be sold in foil packs, beginning first quarter of 2019. 

The trading cards will be sold (for the time being) exclusively, through all Lisa Loucks Christenson owned stores: Peacock Books, Silver Lake Books (both are divisions of Lisa's Loucks Studios, Inc.), on our Bow Wow Detectives® site, and Lisa's personal sites. 

Pick Your Bow Wow Detectives Trading Card Series: 
The Bow Wow Detectives® Trading Card Series:
  Bow Wow Detectives®                                                                                          Bow Wow Detectives® in Town Joke USA                                                                    Bow Wow Detectives® in Real Towns USA                                                                  Bow Wow Detectives® in Real Heroes in History™                                                      Bow Wow Detectives® in Guardians, Angels, & Messengers™

The picture attached is Murray & Walter, they help break open the case for what is known as the Blufflands Cheat Code Bust!

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