Official Bow Wow Detectives® Bark Club

Official Bow Wow Detectives® Bark Club

Welcome to the Bow Wow Detectives® Official Website!

Our Creator is Lisa Loucks Christenson, a native Minnesotan, just like the Bow Wow Detectives®! We started gathering stories while outdoors––right along Lisa while she was recording her documentary on bald eagles. One day she decided she could be sharing stories of things we encountered, and the Bow Wow Detectives were born! As our family of dogs grew, our pack, so did our stories! Word spread from gallery to gallery where Lisa promoted her new Bow Wow Detectives®, she brought us up at talks, speaking engagements, events, and gallery lectures & tours.

We say it was God who inspired us into existence, because, suddenly, more dogs and their owners stopped and also wanted to help. We're the Bow Wow Detectives® we don't wear or need visible badges, we're here to serve and do our part to help solve mysteries, puzzles, and stop crime with our owners.

We exist because, Lisa, literally prayed asking God to bring on the dogs, if that's what He wants her to write. Suddenly, over a hundred dogs and their owners began arriving at her gallery, and allowed her to use them for her stories. We're here to get kids interested in and to keep reading! We started have a small literary club, the Bow Wow Detectives® Bark Club!

We offer information on upcoming books, loose prints, trading cards, coloring pages, previews of new stories, and more. It's free to join. Sales from Lisa's work, fund the club.  



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